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Lascaux cave - Stag with with 9-point antlers

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Lascaux may be the most beautiful Paleolithic painted cave in the world.  It contains more than 1500 pictures of animals, all of them are 17,000 years old.

"The stag, I believe, was the symbol of the shaman, while the giant stag Megaceros giganteus was a symbol of the arch shaman. In the axial gallery of the Lascaux cave is painted a proud stag with 9-point antlers that stile, modify and simplify the antlers of a megaceros: two arcs of lower points are topped by five long points radiating from the blades. Instead of the front legs we see a geometric drawing: 13 dots, a standing rectangle, a large dot, and a curvy line of 28 dots …” (Franz Gnaedinger)


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